12月16日|MTM Pickup: IN OR OUT?
12月16日|MTM Pickup: IN OR OUT?
12月16日|MTM Pickup: IN OR OUT?

12月16日|MTM Pickup: IN OR OUT?

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The Eighty Ones
Sun Sir Love Calls
Talk Never Talk
Ray? Oh..Needa!!



日付・Date:12月16日 (木)・December 16th
時間・Time:18:30 ~22:00
場所・Venue:Shimokitazawa THREE
値段・Price:¥2,000 (+ 1 DRINK), Free for Members

※ ¥2,000 ticket and the guests will be asked to buy a drink at the door
※ ¥2,000 のチケット代とドリンク一杯分を入場の際にお支払いいただきます

Members can redeem a free ticket at payout using the discount code '211216MTMPU' 
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【イベントについて・About This Event】

Are you IN OR OUT?

This event is for all the rock lovers in Tokyo.
Here, you get to enjoy four different bands with elements of post-rock, grunge, mixture-rock.
Let’s rock the night!! Are you IN OR OUT?


【MTM Pickupとは・About MTM Pickup】

“MTM Pickup” は、More Than Music が主催してない東京のクリエイティブシーンの中で最も熱いイベント情報を発信します。
今回はMoreThan Musicメンバーのために特別価格を設けてくれました!ぜひ素晴らしい夜を一緒に過ごしましょう。

MTM Pickup is a series to highlight other great events in the Tokyo scene that MTM did not organize. For this event with Shimokitazawa THREE, the organizer has provided a free entrance for our members! If you're available, join us for a good one!