Song Introduction: Jumeaux - Desert

Those of you, who already know Jumeaux will likely know them as a trio of chaps who have an ear for the roughest grooves and a taste for some of the harder edged beats. You’d be forgiven for expecting the adventure of ‘Desert’ to be rough and boisterous. That is not the case.

Yuudai’s drums calmly stalk through the beat with his drum machine punctuating the hunt with a little Trap flavoring. Koudai’s bass tiptoes almost out of sight, as he and his brother lay their trap. Before the unwary listener realizes, Koudai’s wailing and Yuudai’s cymbals come crashing down, ensnaring any and all. Some may be tempted to leave but the ensuing snake-charmer keymanship from Lyle and the twin’s handsome melodies are top range material. For the uninitiated, there is no escape from the desert.

To speak on what I particularly enjoy about ‘Desert’. Anyone who has any aptitude for good Hip Hop or Soul instrumentation knows that Jazz chords and chromaticisms are a sure shot, De La Soul, Tribe and Erykah taught us that long ago. Lyle however disposes of the obvious and demonstrates that his almost classical approach to playing deserves equal praise and attention.

Jumeaux’s ‘Desert’ is a far cry from the harsh and barren wasteland after which it is titled. Rather it is lush and vibrant, brimming with layers of wild yet innocent interplay. It is a tribute to the hardships of love and trials that all who fall in love must face. The journey can often feel stricken with sadness and even loneliness, but in the end those who are destined for true love will find it in the wild oasis’ they make for themselves.

For fans of:

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes, The Roots

Come watch Jumeaux play on April 24th at Shibuya 7th Floor.

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